"Pizzomunno and Cristalda" bracelet Maximize

"Pizzomunno and Cristalda" bracelet

"Pizzomunno and Cristalda" bracelet

Steel bracelet with a medal pendant representing one of the most popular legends of the Gargano: Pizzomunno and Cristalda.
"Pizzomunno and Cristalda" bracelet

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"Pizzomunno and Cristalda" bracelet

The story was born on the Apulian beaches of Vieste, a fishing village. Pizzomunno is a very nice young sailor. All women fall in love with him. But Pizzomunno is already in love with Cristalda, the most beautiful girl in the village. The two lovers love each other very much, and Pizzomunno is faithful to his Cristalda even when at sea the sirens promise him to become his slaves and to fulfill his every wish. But the young man refuses every time and no um, no envious sirens kidnap Cristalda. In vain Pizzomunno went in pursuit of the sirens, but concern and tiredness gradually drained his strength. Desperation for losing Cristalda assaulted him and eventually petrified ...

The sudden transformation of the young man and the desperate cry of Cristalda profoundly struck the sirens, who became aware of the pain they had provoked and became impetuous in front of the strength of such a love.

So the mermaids gave them permission to re-embrace again, but only for one night, every hundred years.

Since then every one hundred years, and for one night only, Pizzomunno returns human and Cristalda emerges from the abysses of the sea, so that they can re-embrace and love each other on their beloved beach.

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