"Pizzomunno & Cristalda" necklace Maximize

"Pizzomunno & Cristalda" necklace

"Pizzomunno & Cristalda" necklace

Steel necklace with a medal pendant depicting the stack of Vieste on which are outlined the faces in love with Pizzomunno and Cristalda and, below, the siren that kidnaps the young woman.

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"Pizzomunno & Cristalda" necklace

Legend that the young fisherman Pizzomunno, in love with the beautiful Cristalda, was transformed into a stack of jealous sirens who dragged and chained his beloved at the bottom of the sea. The despair of the two lovers, however, ruthlessly the sirens that allowed them to be able to love once every hundred years.

Since then every one hundred years, and for one night only, Pizzomunno returns human and Cristalda emerges from the abysses of the sea, so that they can re-embrace and love each other on their beloved beach.

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