Who we are and philosophy

My name is Giuseppe Cosentino; I was born in Barletta on the 30th of May 1966. I inherited from my father the passion for jewellery and goldsmith's art, being his wish to see in his children a professionally qualified continuity. Following this inducement and model after Middle Schools I attended the Public Institute of Art “Benvenuto Cellini” in Valenza Po (AL), prestigious and ancient Town for goldsmith's art in the world. The Institute of Art trained me professionally, not only I studied humanistic subjects but also metal, design and precious stones' arts. For 5 years, in the afternoon I put in practice the theory assimilated during the mornings, working for a famous and ancient jewellery factory where, followed by adroit goldsmith masters I forged my handedness and my creative wit.

As owner of the homonymous jewellery opened in Manfredonia on 1989, I try and do my best to reduce to practice the teaching and secrets gathered while paying my dues and I keep on creating customised jewels for the most exigent customers, always stimulated by artistic research out of standard current fashions.

Following this thread I created the jewellery line (Unusually UNIQUE) putting all my efforts to give each jewel not only an aesthetic beauty but also a soul, typical of works created with a passion and with the heart set on it. Jewels of this line are designed and created in an “UNIQUE” exemplar. Selling this creations does give rise to emotions in me, like in the person who buys them, and the customer choose between them the one attracting him for both design and gem's colour an jewel suits customers with a personality and character and who get not influenced by fashion icons!